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Clients turn to Entity for website development, maintenance and search engine optimization because we are expert at marketing on the web.  See a portfolio of sites Entity developed. Clear writing is always the most important consideration. Entity can put even the most difficult technology into terms a reader can understand easily. Search engines also rely on relevant, clear writing and organization.

Entity determines the best approach for your website after consulting with you and after careful consideration of your customers' needs.

Entity has experience

bullet writing and editing content  
bulletdeveloping and maintaining sites with Microsoft FrontPage
bullet driving traffic to websites
bullet providing e-commerce shopping solutions
bullet advertising and publicizing websites
bullet search engine optimization
bullet ASP, HTML, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Access databases

Key Benefits

bulletMaintain high rankings with search engines
bulletServe visitors with the information they seek
bulletIncrease visibility and credibility for your company


Reference Accounts 

Many sites have been turned over to the clients for maintenance. To see the original sites as designed by Entity please .

Ballymore Homes
Modular Homes on Long Island are Ballymore's specialty. So Entity developed their website and did several revisions over the years. One interesting aspect of this site is a Google mashup that showcases the homes Ballymore built. This functionality lets visitors see photos, descriptions of the houses and get directions to prior projects. Other interesting benefits from this approach allow the client to present references to new prospects and to update the mashup with new projects. Visitors can use the maps to find additional information about the community such as school districts, local businesses and entertainment
Retirement Housing Online
This site makes extensive use of ASP and Microsoft Access, Java script and ASPmail forms handling. It provides free information to consumers about retirement housing options. Entity designed and coded the site and also advertised it and provided ongoing maintenance, search optimization and publicity.
Brenner Builders
A fast web development project featuring extremely easy maintenance with FrontPage banners and navigation bars. This site showcases beautiful photographs of luxury homes. 
Manhattan Information Systems
Copy writing was critical to this firm as was search optimization.  Entity wrote the copy, optimized the site, designed the navigation and improved the look and functionality of the site. The site is hosted and maintained by the client.
Artists of Long Island
Done on a low budget, this site features outstanding images of fine art. Maintenance of the site has been taken over by the client.  
In its original form it was chosen as a showcase site by Microsoft and featured in the Microsoft FrontPage Bulletin October 2001 edition. Entity also optimized the site for search engines and it has top rankings with Google, Yahoo and most of the top search engines. 
Link to duo waiting preview page featuring clean, elegant design.
Angels College Bus Service
Developed this website quickly and affordably for a small start up bus company providing college bus transportation between Long Island and Potsdam University in upstate New York.
Devise Associates
A computer network integration services firm in New York city had an older website drawing relatively high traffic. The site was entirely redesigned by an Entity affiliate, Stormhouse Partners, under our direction. The site was maintained by Entity using Microsoft FrontPage. Using various optimization techniques and other means, we increased traffic to this site by 500%.
Companies A and B
A large computer services firm in New York City and a management consulting and software development firm in Los Angeles, needed editing of their sites and search engine  optimization
Websites Under Development 
Here is a selection of current web design work in various stages of completion. The work is constantly changing, allowing you to see a web portfolio and design ideas as they develop. Some include case study notes and directions to clients and affiliates, giving useful insight to the development process.  


Entity is a Registered Web Presence Developer for Microsoft FrontPage

Authorized agent for NTT Verio Web Hosting

Website developer - Microsoft FrontPage



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