Entity works with its clients to manage their brand identity.  Without brand equity or true product differentiation, profitability is eroded and repeat sales may be lost. Entity establishes guidelines for the design and use of logos, the tone of written copy, the graphic content of advertising, the appearance of packaging. Product and service offerings and target market segments are also considered for their brand influence.


Branding – the face of your company.

Key Benefits

  • Recognition, loyalty, and differentiation
  • Permission to enter new categories based on brand reputation
  • Credibility and understanding of your company’s value proposition


Entity helps clients define, change and improve brand image. Many brand building strategies are ineffective, e.g. when packaging is not displayed. Is your brand well recognized? And recognized by the audience you want? Do you want to reach a new audience, launch a new product or further penetrate existing markets? How does your brand compare to competitors? Is your brand recognition increasing over time? Are you trying to maintain your current identity or build a new one? Entity has experience dealing with a wide range of problems:

· Brand identity is hard to establish or maintain because of poor retail merchandising.
· Product differentiation is equally hard to maintain because of pricing pressures.
· Additional product features may not command added price.

Identity Standard

An identity standard specifies the proper use of the company name, the display of its official logo for various purposes, the specific colors and type faces that are allowed and so on. The positioning of the company and its target demographic are very important considerations in developing the standard.

Agency Direction

Entity ensures that advertising, publicity, packaging, even product development are consistent with your brand identity. Working with your staff and outside agencies, we direct the creative process integrating every facet of your brand building efforts.

Improving Visibility

We can look at every aspect of the marketing mix, product, branding, promotion, advertising, to name a few and recommend ways to improve visibility.

Reference Accounts

Devise Associates
We evaluated outside agencies to create new collateral, stationary and update the website.  We conducted internal focus groups  informally to understand and help shape the future direction of the company.  We developed written standards and a preliminary positioning for the company based on these findings. Various positioning statements were considered and we reviewed preliminary design concepts from each agency for the website and collateral.

We selected Stormhouse Partners. The end result was a brand identity that appeared consistently throughout every piece of collateral, perfectly matched the website and portrayed the personality of the company and appealed to its intended audience.  Credibility, recognition and visibility were improved.

The problem was lack of visibility and a narrow demographic. Competitors did not advertise the category, retailers did not adequately promote or display the category, pricing was dictated by the retailers. Although there were many problems, one was a lack of differentiation.

The solution, reposition the product as distinctive, innovative and prestigious. This led to the redesign and modernization of packaging, display stands, point of sale information and the products themselves. It also led to a series of consumer and dealer promotions, cross merchandising, print and web advertising and accessory merchandising and launch. The result, among other things, increased share and dollar sales, new design patents, and entry into new categories.

Client X
Even the most prestigious brands can lose control over the use of their logos. One client had dozens of colors and typefaces, script, print, reverse type and logo bars. The image of the company had been updated many times over the years to appeal to various target income and age demographics. But the logos in use spanned several decades and many were out of style or were designed for a different demographic and they detracted from the quality appearance of some existing collateral.

We developed new retail merchandising guidelines to incorporate the official current logo and then launched several new products with the correct identity.