Search Engine Optimization

Improve website rankings with our managed search engine optimization service to increase targeted traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) begins with a review of current site content, analytics and existing web coding. If you are developing  a new website, then search engine optimization and analytics must be carefully considered from the start.

Properly optimized sites rank higher in search engines and bring traffic that selected you. Unlike advertising that reaches people at various points throughout the sales cycle, searches imply a more immediate purchase intent.

Astronomers enjoy searching the universe for eternity outside Griffith Observatory – Los Angeles. Your customers have other things to do. If you are not at the top of the rankings in the search engines we can help. And soon your universe will come to you.

Astronomers Outside Griffith Observatory

Astronomers search for eternity outside Griffith Observatory

We work with you to:

  • develop descriptions for your company and its products and services that tell your story
  • develop guidelines for coding this information and incorporating it into your website
  • develop objective, quantitative goals for revenue, traffic and lead generation
  • ensure analytics and reporting deliver actionable intelligence
  • deploy specialized tools for monitoring key performance indicators for your site
  • monitor and report monthly position with respect to various search terms on targeted search engines

Key Benefits

  • build organic traffic to your site and generate leads over time
  • improve the speed and usability of your site and deliver higher conversions
  • ensure compliance with best practices
  • continuous improvement


  • expert, specialized knowledge of search engine optimization
  • consulting specifically geared toward search optimization
  • knowledge of specialized tools for SEO